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Heiress brings to this world some reports of historical events in the universe of Alyiria. Symphonies, low chords and guttural screams describe gruesome scenes of imperial wars, calamity in mankind, anger and pride. While somber melodies and shrill screams relate myths and sources of hidden knowledge.

Heiress: Tales of Alyiria

Through these words we introduce Alyiria World. The brave explorers who dared dream up the deep and sprawling history of a land with a sentience all its own. From the music and the artwork to the lore contained within these pages, we invite you immerse yourself in this brutal and breathtaking world. If you’re ready to begin your journey, you need only open the pages of this cursed book... If you dare.

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Village on Fire

About Alyiria Project

Intent on going beyond music, we bring our passions together to bring a dark fantasy world to life. In addition to each song bringing with it a part of the world's history, unique events and knowledge about the monstrosities that inhabit there, we intend to penetrate the world of visual arts and literature as much as possible.